For Visitors…

Reading books online doesn't add up to the full Cambridge experience. Being able to browse the physical books results in creative serendipity which is impossible to replicate. Chatting with scholars working on a wide range of biblical and theological topics inspires unexpected avenues for research.

Tyndale House has some limited accommodation, and the city is full of short-term rented rooms and apartments designed for students and scholars. It isn't cheap, but it is unique.

Accommodation – rooms and apartments at Tyndale House and nearby.

Local Information – local links to schools, entertainment, public services, healthcare etc.

Application and Booking – booking a 1, 5 or 10 day visitor pass or applying for library membership for a longer period of study, and applying for accommodation.

Travel – how to get to Cambridge, and how to find your way around when you arrive.

Computer facilities – a quick guide to setting up and what is available.

Residents' Guidelines – living together in a community.

Local Noticeboard – a page where people within Tyndale House can share interesting items of information.