At Tyndale House we are committed to making the results of biblical scholarship at the highest level available and accessible to the wider church.  This Easter, we have produced a series of three short films giving an insight into the experts' evidence for the events of Easter.
Experts' Evidence for Jesus' Trial  

Dr Dirk Jongkind, a Research Fellow at Tyndale House, pieces together the earliest manuscript evidence for the New Testament and shows how it tells the story of Jesus' trial before Pilate.

Experts' Evidence for Jesus' Crucifixion  

Dr Peter Williams and Dr David Instone Brewer look at the Munich Talmud, which contains traditional Jewish teaching, and discover how even the deleted text provides evidence for Jesus' crucifixion!

Experts' Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection  
Dr Peter Williams gives a summary of the biblical evidence for the heart of the Christian faith - Jesus' bodily resurrection.
These films, together with an introduction to the work of Tyndale House, are now available to view on our website here.  They may be freely used on church websites, blogs, email newsletters, facebook and anywhere else you would like!  We hope that the films will give Christians renewed confidence in the events of the Easter story and that they will be a spur for others to investigate the evidence further.  

With best wishes

Peter Williams
Warden, Tyndale  House, Cambridge.