Tyndale Toolbar

The free Tyndale Toolbar brings together many of the best Bible tools on the web.

  • Bibles: Quick access to the main commercial Bibles and 100+ other translations.
  • Languages: Quick dictionaries and full lexicons for modern & ancient languages (Greek, Hebrew, Coptic, Syriac etc, French, German, Thesaurus etc)
  • Books and articles: Online libraries, specialist theology libraries and article subject searches.
  • More help: Links to the best of the web for Biblical Studies, preaching and teaching, concentrating on the best of the free.
  • News: Notices of events, publications and opportunities for jobs and scholarships

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We have had to withdraw this toolbar because Conduit were installing unwanted programs alongside.
We'll be turning this into a Web Portal instead.

If you'd like to hear about this, we'd love to keep you informed:
We won't misuse this, and we don't make it compulsory because some people need anonymity. :  


Click to install the toolbar for IE or Firefox or Chrome on PC or Firefox or Safari on a Mac. Also works with Flock, but other browsers aren't available yet - sorry. More instructions (including uninstalling) are here. Please untick installation features you don't want - we can't prevent them appearing, as with almost all free software.

This installs a toolbar in your browser which you can disable at any time, though you will probably want the features constantly.

Toolbar Properties & Tyndale House contact

The toolbar updates itself, so there is rarely need to 'upgrade'.

Extra gadgets are available, from ToDo lists to games.

You can turn such features on or off at 'Options'.

If you have too many, you can 'Shrink' the bar by removing labels.

Search & Translation dropdown

Translates ancient & modern languages

Type in transliteration or Unicode,
or copy & paste from elsewhere

For 2LetterLookup, only two letters are needed. You can then pick out the word from a list.

Links to lexicons go to the correct page in scanned full lexicons.

For Perseus, transliteration is in Beta code (ie follow vowels with "(" "/" "=" etc for breathings and accents).

Perseus servers (which are often busy)are automatically tried, one by one, till successful.

If you want to remain on your previous setting, untick "Switch back to default search engine" in "Toolbar Options" - "Additional Settings" (in the Toolbar Properties dropdown - see above)


Search for Theology and Biblical Studies books and articles

Type a word or two from a title, and a surname (if known).

"Articles" searches the periodicals at Tubingen
(which covers almost as many periodicals and festschrifts as ATLA)

The various Book searches find published and out-of-print books.
Online versions are often available at GoogleBooks.

Firefox users may have to OK popups from this toolbar the first time they use this.

Bible Lookup tool

Select the chapter and version for quick lookup.

Hover over the abbreviations for details of the versions.

Double-click to select the same version again.

Where several sources of a version exist, the link goes to the one with the best added features.

For more versions, see the 70+ English translations in the next tool.

Firefox users may have to OK popups from this toolbar the first time they use this.

Biblical Studies web links

These quick links go to to the best of the web, or to collections of specialist links.

* Direct links to more than 70 Bible English translations
* Original texts as facsimilies and editions
* Ancient translations as originals and English versions
* Lexicons to ancient languages
* Scholar's aids such as Unicode Fonts

* Helps for preachers and worship leaders
* Online sources for books when a library is distant

These lists are often expanded elsewhere at www.TyndaleHouse.com.

Notices to share with others

* Confernces, seminars, exhibitions

* Openings, scholarships, research opportunities

* News of scholars: honours, appointments, obituaries
* New publications, reviews, launches
* Prayer requests, appeals for help

Questions + Answers
* Questions requiring expert opinion or information
(Answers may include the best place to look it up)

Any member of Tyndale Fellowship, Theology for All or Tyndale House can post items
by sending them to TyndaleMember@Gmail.com

Please don't post anything irrelevant, irreverent, or irritating.

Email Notifier

Checks email in several accounts, automatically.

Click on an email account to log in with that identity.

A great way to use more than one Gmail or Yahoo account without having to type in the passwords all the time.

Installation instructions for Internet Explorer

1) Open Internet Explorer (you probably have it open to read this page)
2) Click here
3) At the "Security Warning" click on "Run"
4) In the Agreement box, you can untick the 3 advertising boxes and click on "Agree"

(To disable it: Right-click [or on a Mac, Ctrl-click] on on the Tabs and untick it)

Installation instructions for Firefox.

1) Open Firefox (you probably have it open to read this page)
2) Click here
3) If a warning bar appears at the top, click on "Edit Options..." and on "Allow" and close the box then click on install again.
4) When "Install Now" is no longer grey, click on it
5) Restart Firefox.
6) At the "Thanks for installing" notice, you can untick the 3 advertising boxes (middle one first). Click on "Finish"

(To disable it: Right-click [or on a Mac, Ctrl-click] on the icon of a wrench (ie spanner) on the right and untick it)

Installation instructions for Chrome.

1) Open Chrome (you probably have it open to read this page)
2) Click here
3) If a warning appears at the bottom, click on "Continue" and on "Install"

Note: If you can't see it, click on the Chrome Customise (top right - the icon has three lines) then "settings" then "extensions" and make sure "Tyndale House" has "Enabled" ticked. Now you can see the Tyndale Toolbar icon (top right, looks like a circle) - click on it and if it says "Show Toolbar" click on it. (you can later click on it again to "Hide Toolbar" if you wish)

(To uninstall, right-click on the circle next to the Chrome options 'wrench' (ie spanner) at top-right)

Installation instructions for Safari.

1) Open Safari(you probably have it open to read this page)
2) Click here
3) If a question appears, click "Continue" then click "Continue", "Agree", "Install" etc as prompted.
3) Restart Safari

(To uninstall, go to Applications > Toolbars > Tyndale House > Uninstall and double-click on it to run it.)


If you can't see the Bibles tool on the right, drag the Trans(lation) tool on the left to make it smaller

If you can't see the writing properly, try zooming out.

Note: If you are asked whether you'd like this toolbar to be your default search engine, just untick it.
It isn't anything special but it causes some spyware scans to complain
because it collects the same kind of data that Google collects, then agregates it anonymously.