Errata List for the THGNT

Despite our best efforts in preparing The Greek New Testament, we are aware that errors are part and parcel of any work of such complexity and with this many data points. Every error, though, is one too many. Therefore we invite anyone who spots a factual error to send us a note at To celebrate the community effort, we will send a gift to a randomly chosen contributor after every 25 new entries.

Errata List (as per 9th Feb 2018)

Matthew 8:28, apparatus: Δ appears supporting both the text and the variant. It should be listed just in support of the text:
Γαδαρηνῶν] B C Δ(γαραδ-) Θ; γαζαρηνων ℵ*; ♦ γεργεσηνων ℵ2 K L(-σινον) W 1424

Matthew 24:36, text:  a breathing needs to be added to the second instance of ουδε: ουδὲ should be οὐδὲ.

Mark 2:17, apparatus: D should be listed under omit, with W, not in support of the text:
αὐτοῖς] ℵ A C K L 69 1424; add οτι P88(omit αυτοις) B Δ Θ; omit D W

Mark 4:26, text: ἑὰν (rough breathing) should be ἐὰν (smooth breathing).

Luke 3:5, text: εὐθείαν should be εὐθεῖαν.

Luke 22:43, apparatus: missing manuscript. Include in support of the text between Ψ and 1424:
0171(vid  ]θρον[…]ς κα̣τ̣[.]βαι[…]π̣ι την γην).

John 8:38, punctuation. The comma after ἠκούσατε needs to be removed.

Acts 25:22, apparatus: ℵ2a(only ε) should be ℵ2a(vid only ε)

Rom 16:12, paragraphing.. ἀσπάσασθε Περσίδα should start a new paragraph and therefore the initial α needs to be capitalised.

Colossians 2:2, text: πάτρος should be πατρὸς.

Revelation 21:17 apparatus: remove ‘]’ after ‘144)’

Witness list for 0171 needs to be amended to include verse Lk 22:43.


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