Theology For All Conference 2010


Does God control everything that takes place in the world? Or is he open to influence through the prayers, decisions and actions of people? Is he able to know or anticipate the future, yet remain fluid to respond and react to prayer and decisions made either contrary or in accordance with his plans? Is God ever affected by and does he respond to what we do?

At the Theology for All day conference at Tyndale House on 23rd October 2010 guest speaker Mike Ovey, Principal of Oak Hill College, spoke on the topic of “Open Theism”.

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1. God and Love: The Challenges of Open Theism

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2. Freedom and Love: The Challenges to Open Theism

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3A. Providence and Love: Open Theism and Pastoral Implications

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3B. Providence and Love: Practical Questions

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Question & Answer Session

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Rev. Dr. Michael Ovey

Mike believes that the more we know the truth about God, his grace and greatness, the more we love and trust him. His vision is for students at Oak Hill to grow in knowledge and loving trust in this God.

Before coming to Oak Hill, Mike was a civil service lawyer drafting government legislation. He trained at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and worked as a curate for four years at All Saints, Crowborough, before teaching for three years at Moore Theological College, Sydney. He joined Oak Hill in 1998 and since then has finished a PhD in the field of Trinitarian theology.