Tyndale STEP: Scripture Tools for Every Person - Progress into 2012

Thank you for your interest in Tyndale STEP: Scripture Tools for Every Person

This project went to a new levels in 2011 - see the video.
It is now divided into several modules (listed below) so that different teams can participate in each.
Some of these are progressing well, some have slowed, and a couple of new ones aren't launched yet.

Some highlights of the year:
Major funding was secured for time and resources to develop STEP phase 1, especially for Chinese interlinear STEP Bibles and distributing STEP Libraries in African countries.
STEP Library is growing fast thanks to Summer Interns at Tyndale House and Ted Cross worked hard on finding and scanning and indexing commentaries which will soon be available in a format especially designed for those with poor internet connections.

And Rob Bradshaw is continuing to amass valuable articles at Biblicalstudies.org.uk
Chris Burrell has created a wonderful prototype of the STEP Bibles software (see www.StepBible.com ) which we can now build on as a showcase to show others how to use the modules in other software.
Christopher Pfohl. Tim Totton and myself are helping to continue with this.

STEP Versions is moving fast, thanks mainly to Galen Goldsmith who is is striding through the Old Testament, making textual variants and translation options easily understood for English readers

STEP Genealogies has some beautiful and innovative software being developed by Simon Cozens

STEP Encyclopaedia is on the starting blocks for writers: all the data is prepared and the style is almost sorted thanks to Tim Bulkeley.

STEP Interlinears progress is time-consuming work, involving a team who have varying amounts of time to give.
I think of it like Bible Sudoku - it is a puzzle which needs lots of concentrating and it is fun in short spells.
It would be tedious to list everyone involved - you know who you are, and MANY thanks for your work

Best of all, Dale Brueggemann has taken up the role of  STEP Director of Distance Research, to co-ordinate and support the researchers who are contributing to the project. We want all the STEP workers to experience personal development and perhaps even a career shift, by doing this research. As well as building up the church through reliable modules of Bible data, we want to grow people.

If you're already involved, Dale will be pleased to hear how you're doing <dale.brueggemann@gmail.com>
If you'd like to join in with the project, please get in touch - we need all kinds of skills, from specialist languages to careful English editing.

All the best for 2012



David Instone-Brewer


Click on the following links to learn more about the various modules:

* STEP Bibles
The central program for reading and searching Bible texts and context
* STEP Interlinears
Newly tagged texts to enable comparisons of Bible texts and translations
* STEP Geography
High Resolution maps of old Palestine meshed with satellite maps
* STEP History
Expandable timelines for all datable Bible people, events and eras.
* STEP Genealogy
Complex and complete family trees of Bible people and nations.
* STEP Lexicons
Full-text dictionaries, accessible without needing to know ancient alphabets
* STEP Encyclopaedia
Newly edited articles of Bible places, people, events and teachings
* STEP Translating
Lookup dictionaries and grammatical helps to understand Bible translations
* STEP Versions
Different meanings and textual variants employed by modern Bible versions
* STEP Library
Online books and articles organised by Bible text, subject and usefulness
* STEP Context
Guided searches of ancient literature for Bible words used in similar contexts
* STEP Sharing
Moderated Wiki space Weblinks and everyone