SCANNING -- More info:

The Photocopier is set up as a very fast scanner.

When you scan to the FTP location on the scanner, your scan will end up in the scans directory.
The server will typically within a day, OCR your scan, leaving respectively an original and ocr version in the scans folder XYZ_org and XYZ_ocr.
Note: for those, who did not give a name to their scan, the filename typically looks like scn_<datetimestamp>

Using the scans directory:
Please note that you should NOT remove scans that aren’t yours. Everyone has full access rights to the scans folder, which means you can also delete other’s documents. Please only access, copy, move or delete your own scans.

In case things go “wrong”:
If the ocr program takes more than 25 minutes for the ocr process, your scan will end up in the “Corrupted” directory. It seems to be arbitrary why certain scans end up there—the answer is not known to us, but perhaps Adobe knows. Thus, if you are missing your scan, please check there.

Accessing the scans:
On a PC: type or paste \\ into your File Explorer Address Bar.
(Can't see it? Right-click on Start; click on "Explore"; click on "View", "Toolbars" and tick "Address Bar". Still can't see it? Right-click next to "Help";drag the Address bar from the bottom-right of the toolbars into the middle)
Copy your files onto your computer or memory device.
On a Mac: In Finder, open the menu "Go/Connect to Server", paste or write afp:// . Alternatively, you can also browse the network in Finder, locate the iMac computer and open its "scans" folder. (Please not that there is a 0-30 minute delay before your scan turns up, because of a synchronization mechanism.)
Alternatively (e.g. Mac users needing to access the corrupted folder), in your browser open: (this is only accessibly from within TH)

Sensitive information:
Please note that if you have scanned sensitive information, you should probably directly want to delete or move it.

It of course goes without saying that when you scan you ought to honour the UK copyright laws.

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