Tyndale House is a residential research centre which since its foundation in 1944 has grown to be a place through which hundreds of scholars pass every year. It has always been the conviction behind the institution that biblical scholarship is best carried out within a community of faith. We therefore encourage readers to take part in communal activities.

We have coffee at 11 a.m. and tea at 4 p.m. and encourage readers to come to the Common Room at these times and benefit from conversation with others. During term time we also have chapel, and out of term time, a less formal prayer meeting, both at 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday. There is also a ladies’ Bible study. During summer months Barbecues are frequently arranged on a Friday night.

Tyndale House has a small staff team and, despite its limited resources, offers all accommodation and places in the library at significantly subsidised rates. We therefore encourage residents and readers to be proactive in seeking ways of contributing to the community, especially in welcoming others and in looking after the grounds.

I hope that you have a pleasant and fruitful time during your stay here.

With warmest Christian greetings,

Peter Williams


Guidelines for residents and readers

It must be stressed that community living is in general enormously beneficial and a source of profound personal enrichment. However, to maximise the potential benefits it is necessary to state both positive and negative guidelines for life together in an attempt to pre-empt any problems that might arise. Where necessary negative guidelines take the form of unbreakable rules. It goes without saying that it is important always to leave things as tidy as when they were found and to report all damages and breakages promptly. Residents and readers of longer standing are encouraged to take time to welcome newer residents and to help them settle in.


We encourage the use of bicycles as a means of transport. However, these should be stored as neatly as possible, in sheds, and should not be ridden across the lawn.  Childrens’ small bicycles may be stored in the shed near the BBQ area.  Please ensure that they are not left across the pathways. If you are looking to buy a bike, cheap second-hand bikes are usually available from the cycle stall in the central market and sometimes other cycle shops. Often they will agree to buy it back from you when you have finished with it (e.g. at half price depending on its condition). For trouble-free bike use, City Cycle Hire rents bikes for about £10/day, £20/week or £100/year. They are a 5 minute walk from Tyndale House.

Checking Out

All bills should be settled prior to departure and keys should be left with Reception. Checking out should normally occur during office hours. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact a member of staff well in advance.

Community & Children

Children and families form an important part of the Tyndale community, and we seek to strike a balance between their needs to play and socialise with the needs of those engaged in academic study for quiet and reflection. We welcome residents to use the garden areas for lunch and talking to neighbours but would ask that they bear in mind the scholars in the Library with regard to noise levels. Residents' children are welcome to play in the Tyndale garden subject to the following restrictions.  Other readers are also welcome to bring their families to Tyndale on an occasional basis, but should discuss any regular arrangements with the Hospitality and Facilities Administrator or Principal.

  • Children should not play in front of the carrels on the north or south sides of the library or round the Hexagon at any time;
  • Children should not play on the main lawn (east of the central path) except when the library is closed on Sundays or other public holidays, or under adult supervision during communal barbecues on Friday nights;
  • Individual children may play quietly on the lawn by the barbecue area during library hours when accompanied by an adult. However, groups of children should be discouraged from playing in this area during library hours, except during communal events;
  • Younger children (under 8) should be supervised by an adult at all times;
  • All children may play in the secure lawn to the south of Flats 1–4;
  • All adults should help to provide a safe environment for children to play by closing gates properly;
  • Toys should not be left outside between the family housing and the main house overnight;
    Please ensure that visiting children who are not from the current Tyndale community are supervised at all times.
  • For special permission to hold a community event on a Saturday please speak to the Principal.


Coffee and tea times are an important part of our community life.  Readers are asked to help by signing up on the rota to set up and make coffee or tea, or to clear up afterwards.  You are also encouraged to bring your own mug rather than using the disposable cups provided.


Residents are encouraged to adopt a small section of the garden or a particular task in the garden as their own special responsibility in coordination with the Principal. Tools are in the shed which is located midway between the barbecue area and the main house.  All readers and residents are asked to participate in occasional gardening days in order to help maintain the grounds.


  • Charges are made for overnight guests and, for reasons of fire safety, all guests must sign the visitors book. Residents in flats may invite guests to stay with them for up to a week, provided there are enough beds for them to sleep on.  Please inform the Principal beforehand if you are expecting guests. Applications for guests to stay longer than a week should be made by e-mail to the Principal at least 14 days in advance of the proposed beginning of the visit.
  • Residents in single rooms may invite one guest of the same gender to stay with them for up to two successive nights. Charges are made for overnight guests who are not immediate family members and, for reasons of fire safety, all guests must sign the visitors book.
  • Guests of the opposite gender who stay in single rooms must be family members and may only stay with the express permission of the Principal. Visitors of the opposite gender should not remain in single rooms between 12 midnight and 8 a.m.
  • Breaches of these last two protocols are liable to lead to termination of contract.


  • This is primarily for the use of single residents.
  • Other readers may use the refrigerator and microwave provided in the Common Room and should also eat in the dining area in the Common Room.
  • In no cases should dishes be left on the draining board overnight.
  • If the kitchen rubbish bin is full, please empty it and put a new bin liner in. Liners are usually found under the sink.


  • There are 2 clothes-lines in the garden.
  • Residents are encouraged to acquire a supply of dryer tokens in order that they don’t get caught short at night or at the weekend. They are £1 each and the dryer (which takes 2 loads of laundry) will run for approximately an hour. Once you have started the dryer you must not open it before it has finished, because it will not restart, and will swallow your token.
  • If someone else’s dry laundry is in the dryer when you arrive, please put it carefully on top of the dryer or in its basket.
  • Never use the token-driven dryer on Sunday, or on other days before 7 a.m., or after 9 p.m., as it makes a lot of noise and disturbs the neighbours.
  • The dryer in the fridge room is only for the use of Tyndale house staff and cleaners.


Current newspapers are to be kept in the Common Room. Please return newspapers to the reading rack when you have finished with them. Newspapers that are no longer current are to be put in the kitchen. The Cambridge News should be left until the evening of the following day. Weekly and monthly newspapers should be left out for a week. Papers in the kitchen are free to be clipped or taken.


Those using the main garden are reminded to ensure that they keep noise to a minimum during the hours when the library is open, 8.30 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., Monday through to Saturday.

During refreshment breaks on week days (11-11.30 a.m. and 4-4.30 p.m.) croquet and other activities can take place on the main lawn, and it may also be used for quiet social events, e.g. meals, 6-8 p.m. and Saturdays.

Noise restriction does not apply at the same level on Sundays and during official social events, e.g. barbecues, when our principal concern is not to disturb our neighbours.


By agreement with the City Council, and in line with similar agreements made by Cambridge Colleges, Tyndale House residents (except for those in the Annexe) may not bring a motor vehicle with more than two wheels within the City of Cambridge. The Annexe has a parking space provided. However, if the Annexe is unoccupied or its residents do not use a motor vehicle, permission to use the Annexe parking space (for visitors) should be sought from the Bursar (during office hours) or Principal (out of hours). Parking on the driveway of Hawthorne House is not permitted unless prior arrangement with Marion Jongkind has been made.


Pets are not normally permitted in the single rooms or family housing.

Residents' Common Room

The Common Room is provided for the use of all residents and readers and should not normally be used for other events without the prior permission of the Manager.  In the evenings and at weekends, the residents' Common Room is primarily reserved for the use of single residents and other readers and residents are asked to be respectful of this.  Please be considerate of other residents and ensure that the Common Room is always kept clean and tidy.

Room Hire

The Upper Hexagon is part of the Tyndale House Library and also provides space for Tyndale House meetings and other events.  It should not normally be used by readers or residents without the prior permission of the Hospitality and Facilities Manager, and there may be a charge for use of the room.  Please ensure that the Upper Hexagon is always left clean and tidy after use.


The piano in the Upper Hexagon may be played during Tyndale House events, such as chapel. Otherwise its use is restricted to 6-9 p.m. Monday to Saturday and before 10 p.m. on Sundays. Noisy pieces should be avoided during library hours.  There is a sign up sheet available from the secretary in the front office if you wish to use the upper Hexagon during these allotted times for music practice.  Please ensure children are supervised whilst practising.

Rubbish and Recycling

The bins are put out weekly (black bins one week, blue and green bins the next). Residents in the Annexe and Family Housing are responsible for their own bins. All residents in single rooms and within the main house are strongly encouraged to sign up to the rota for the communal bins and to play their part in ensuring that rubbish is put out.

  • Paper. White paper, junk mail, newspapers, and magazines go in the tall blue bin in the photocopy area.  All contents of these boxes should be taken out for collection on the days that the black bins and boxes are collected.
  • Cardboard. Card and cardboard go in the tall bin in the photocopy area or the green bins in the garden. Boxes should be broken up and flattened to save space. Brown wrapping paper and telephone directories can also go in these bins.
  • Glass and metal. Glass bottles and jars, metal tins, cans, aerosols, and foil go in the black boxes outside the back door. Please rinse them first.
  • Plastic bottles. Plastic bottles (rinsed) go in the blue boxes outside the back door.
  • Food and garden waste. Waste which will decompose to make compost goes in the green bins in the garden.
  • Printer cartridges. Take them to the front office where they will be collected and recycled via Traidcraft.


Many residents find it helpful to buy groceries online and have them delivered. Please give clear delivery instructions; the vans are too big to drive down the gravelled lane to the family housing so drivers should be instructed to come to Selwyn Gardens then phone you from there.

Smoke Detectors

For your own safety and to comply with our insurance policy we have provided smoke detectors in your flats/houses.  It is most important that these are left installed and tested to ensure reliability in the event of a fire.  The smoke detectors in the flats across the lawn are battery operated. There is a red button that you can press to test the alarm.  If you need a new battery please let the secretary know and we will replace it for you.  The smoke detectors in the main house flats are mains operated.  Given the close proximity of the flats all the smoke detectors are linked, so if one sounds they all will.  There is still a red button to test and please make us aware if it is malfunctioning.

Smoking and Alcohol

Our site is a no-smoking site. In recognition of the different practices regarding the consumption of alcohol, we discourage members of the community from bringing alcohol to communal and public events.


In order to maintain a safe and secure site, all readers and residents are encouraged to be vigilant with regards to the shutting of doors:

Out of office hours (i.e. outside of Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 5.30 pm):
The main front door should always remain locked.
The swipe doors should remain shut and be functional.
The side gates of the main house should be shut and locked.
The back gate from the family housing to the lodge should remain shut.

Library doors (8.00 am  - 11.00 pm, Monday to Saturday)
The main library door should remain shut and on swipe card access only.
At all other times the library doors are locked and the library is closed.

More on library opening times here.

Sundays and National Holidays

All main doors should remain shut on swipe access only.

Intruder Alarm/Incidents
In the event of the intruder alarm being sounded or any incidents regarding security please contact immediately the Principal.  It is important that all incidents are logged at the time. 
In addition, the kitchen windows should be closed and locked at night.

You are also reminded that personal computers are not covered by our insurance.

Single Rooms

The corridor must be kept clear of boxes and belongings.

Between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. music should not be played in rooms, conversations should not be held in the corridor, and use of the phone in the corridor should be restricted to urgent calls only. Doors should not be slammed.


  • To place a call within Tyndale House (e.g. from one flat to another or from a flat to the Front Office) simply dial the last four digits of the phone number.
  • To place an external call from within Tyndale House, dial 9 for an outside line followed by the full external phone number.