Tyndale House is a residential research centre which since its foundation in 1944 has grown to be a place through which hundreds of scholars pass every year. It has always been the conviction behind the institution that biblical scholarship is best carried out within a community of faith. We therefore encourage readers to take part in communal activities.

We have coffee at 11 a.m. and tea at 4 p.m. and encourage readers to come to the Common Room at these times and benefit from conversation with others. During term time we also have chapel, and out of term time, a less formal prayer meeting, both at 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday. There is also a ladies’ Bible study. During summer months Barbecues are frequently arranged on a Friday night.

Tyndale House has a small staff team and, despite its limited resources, offers all accommodation and places in the library at significantly subsidised rates. We therefore encourage residents and readers to be proactive in seeking ways of contributing to the community, especially in welcoming others and in looking after the grounds.

I hope that you have a pleasant and fruitful time during your stay here.

With warmest Christian greetings,

Peter Williams