Document Scanning Service

The library can supply PDF scans of:

  • Journal articles
  • Parts of books held in the library.

Please note that no part of a thesis may be copied without the written consent of the author.


Tyndale House receives about 200 current journals and has a similar number of older discontinued series. These journals cover biblical studies, theology and related areas.

It also holds around 40,000 books, mostly in the area of biblical studies. The acquisition policy is to have a copy of every book of academic interest in biblical studies and Bible background.

Charging Information:

Our charges are kept to a minimum, and are calculated to cover the cost of copying, equipment costs and administration only. The copying is generally carried out by students at Tyndale House, who value this opportunity to supplement their income.

  • £5      for first article or chapter
  • £4.50 for each subsequent article or chapter.
  • The librarian reserves the right to add a surcharge for articles and chapters over 40 pages.

Articles which we do not have in stock can often be found at the British Library. For details  contact their Document Supply Centre.

If you live in the United Kingdom, you may also be able to obtain the item on inter-library loan through your own academic or local public library.

Before requesting an item:

Please include the following information on your order form:

For periodical articles:

  1. Periodical title
  2. Date of publication
  3. Volume
  4. Author
  5. Title of article
  6. Page numbers

This information should be taken from the Tyndale Library Catalogue.

For books:

  1. Classmark
  2. Author / Editor
  3. Title
  4. Chapter number or page numbers, title and author where relevant

This information should be obtained from the Tyndale Library Catalogue.


In accordance with the 1988 Copyright Act, as amended in 2003, electronic copies are supplied on the following conditions:

  • The copy is required for research for a non-commercial purpose or for private study, and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Only one article from any issue of a journal or a ‘reasonable proportion’ of a book, (One chapter or 5% of the book, whichever is the greater).
  • Only one copy of the same material may be supplied.
  • To the best of your knowledge no other person with whom you work has made, or intends to make, a request for substantially the same material, for substantially the same purpose, at or about the same time as this request.


  • In most cases these conditions do not apply to very old material. You may purchase more than one chapter of a book, or more than one article from a journal where the author has been dead for more than 70 years after the publication date. Click here for further information.
  • These conditions do not apply if you have the written permission of the copyright holder.

If you are unsure about your legal responsibilities, please use this link to consult the information provided by the Intellectual Property Office.

By requesting a scan from Tyndale House you are agreeing that you will comply with these conditions and ensure that your request complies with UK Copyright Law. You will be required to give an electronic signature to confirm your agreement.

Requesting a scanned document:

In order to receive the scans which you have requested it is essential that you complete the three steps listed below:

  • 1) Complete the order form 
  • 2) Make a payment for your order
  • 3) Send the order form by email to the document scanning service at Tyndale House

Please Note:

  • You are yourself responsible for ensuring you order from the right edition or the like.
  • You are responsible for ensuring you order copies within the bounds of the copyright law.
  • If we become aware that a copy which you have requested breaches UK Copyright Law, we will cancel your order.
  • If you wish to order from a work which is out of copyright and wish to order multiple chapters, you will  need to make a separate entry for each chapter on your order form

A further note, in case you experience technical difficulties in completing the electronic form, please check this link, or if all else fails, see below:

  • print out the form,
  • complete it,
  • and pay for your scan,
  1. by filling in your name, address and appropriate amount, as well as filling in "Scanning Request" in the entry "this payment is for".
  • Subsequently, either:
  1. scan the completed form and send it to
  2. or snailmail the completed form to

Tyndale House
ATN: Document Scanning Service
36 Selwyn Gardens
Cambridge, CB3 9BA (United Kingdom)