Local information to help to smoothe out some of the practical problems of staying in a strange city, or even a strange country.



The UK Visas and Immigration considers applications for permission to enter or stay in the United Kingdom. Please use this website to check if you need a visa to come to Tyndale House, to apply for a visa to come to the UK or to renew your visa.

Visitors travelling from outside Europe who are not engaged in a course of study at a UK university can apply for a visa as an Academic Visitor. Please see the UK Border Agency pages here and here.



The nearest shops are in Newnham (10 minutes’ walk) and are reached by turning south down Grange Road and east along Barton Road then taking streets to the right shortly before Barton Road bends left. Of particular note are the Cooperative, bakery, grocers and pharmacy. The Cooperative is usually open from 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, prices here are considerably more expensive than in larger supermarkets. The nearest major supermarket that may be reached on foot is Sainsbury’s in Sidney Street in the centre of town (20 minutes’ walk).


Children's education

State schools
These are free at point of use and are run by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Independent/Private/Public schools
Fees are paid to these independently owned and run schools.

Cambridgeshire childcare information
Search for pre-schools, nurseries, private nursery schools and childcare for oder children.



Cambridgeshire Primary Care Trust website will help you find a local dentist and GP (General Practitioner, ie family doctor).



The nearest park of significance is at Lammas Land (go east on Barton Road and when the road bends left walk straight ahead). This is also a good place to start a walk along the Cam.

Another good walk in which you will see a lot of the Cam is the walk to Granchester beginning on Granchester Street.


Cambridge and its streets are small and built for horses; cyclists fit better on them than cars. Cycle lanes and even some dedicated cycle traffic lights make cycling as safe as walking.

For trouble free bike use, City Cycle Hire rents bikes for about or about £10/day, £20/week or £100/year. They are a 5min walk from Tyndale House. Tyndale House has covered cycle sheds for storing your bike but you need a strong lock.


Christian Heritage Tours

Why is Cambridge such a world famous university? When was it founded? How is it associated with the Protestant Reformation, the founding of the USA, parliamentary government, the development of modern science, and the abolition of the Slave Trade? The tour will answer questions like this and introduce you to the people who helped shape Western civilisation.


More about Cambridge

A local search provided by the University of Cambridge.