Internet and Network connections

Tyndale House provides free access to the web and other online facilities. Our connection is really fast, since we have installed a 1G optical cable. You may use this connection for academic and non-commercial personal surfing or email.

Wireless connection - free ticket from the Front Office

Wired connection - IP number from Librarian or IT staff
(you can connect yourself temporarily using the instructions below)

Online Backup - good internet services

Wireless connection

Tyndale House Library

Two wireless services are freely available throughout the Tyndale House Library

Uniofcam - requires an ID & Password each day.

- Members of the University can use their Raven ID and password

- Day Visitors can get a one-day ticket from the Front Office. Longer term users can be issued with a ticket of up to 3-months.

Eduroam - requires a one-time signin and works in universities throughout Europe.
- first get your Eduroam Tokens then click on your type of computer here for instructions.

Common Room

In the Common Room, you can use the "Tyndale House Free Wireless." You need a password for this, which you can find on the noticeboard.

Wired connection

Every desk has a network cable. To connect yourself, click here to see the manual (beginner) or do the following (advanced):

On a PC: Click on Start: Control Panels: Network Connections: Local Area Connection: Properties:
-  Highlight "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and click "Properties", then put in the numbers below:
On a Mac: Click on System Preferences: Network: Ethernet: Configure "Manually", then put in these numbers (cf. this video):

IP (use the number you have been give or use or temporarily till you have your own number)

If you use Outlook, Eudora or another mail program which downloads mail, you will need a local SMTP address.
If you use web mail such as Yahoo or GMail, you won't need this.

If you have problems using your email client, you may want to check your port settings, cf. "Users of non-University mail systems"


Online Backup

We no longer provide online backup, because there are many good free services.

Especially good are:

Dropbox, SugarSync, GDrive, and Onedrive - files stay on your computer and are backed-up automatically, but can also be accessed on other computers you designate, or via the web. 2G free (that's about 1000 theses!)

Online backup - lots of services, some offering lots of free space. See comparisons here and here and here.