Free Tyndale Unicode Font Kit

Everything necessary for typing Biblical Greek & Hebrew

  • keyboards for easily typing Biblical Hebrew, Greek and Transliteration
  • instructions for customising the keyboards if you want to change the layout
  • the Cardo Unicode font with full Greek & Hebrew (and works with others, eg SBL)
  • Hebrew includes vowel pointing and Masoretic punctuation
  • Greek includes breathing, accents and ancient forms
  • Transliteration is on the same keyboard as Greek
  • PC and Mac versions use the same keyboard layout
  • PC installer does all the hard work, with simple instructions for activation

This is probably the easiest way to write Hebrew & Greek on a PC or Mac

Typing accented Greek is easy:
eg ka/i => καί (for accents put / \ or = before the letter)
or qe/ov => θεός (only a few odd letters: q=θ v=ς y=ψ f=φ h=η)
[ctrl+alt]'agap/aw => ἀγαπάω (ctrl+alt+shift = harsh breathing; add accents)

Typing pointed Hebrew is easy:
eg meleK => מֶלֶך (use upper case for final forms)
or Hesed => חֶסֶד (use upper case H=chet, W=shin with a dot, Q= sin with a dot)
or HAsId => חָסִיד (use upper case for strong vowels)

Download (on right) then use these instructions

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