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Happy Easter from Tyndale House

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Dear friend

This Easter, as we pause to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, we do so in the company of millions of Christians across the globe, reminding us that to be part of the Church carries with it international responsibilities.

That is why Tyndale House is committed to working with those around the world who are seeking to provide a solid Bible foundation for generations to come. For some this means we support them to do research at our library in Cambridge, for others it means making resources available so that they can access the very best scholarship from their home country.

Here are just a few stories about how we seek to serve inspirational leaders who are making a difference within the international Church. This work is only possible because of the generous donations of people like you, who see the importance of providing the very best in Bible teaching to all Christians, regardless of where in the world God has placed them. This Easter why not consider making a gift to Tyndale House, to show your support for our Christian brothers and sisters worldwide.

Cuban pastors translate Plato

Two years ago, their knowledge of Greek was either basic or non-existent. Now, after our training programme to teach biblical languages, six Cuban pastors were able to translate a passage from a Plato philosophical dialogue, under exam conditions, magnificently, without recourse to dictionaries or any other helps.

Why Plato? Because at Tyndale House, we don't accept the approach of learning the bare minimum. We want those responsible for teaching churches to be able to read the Bible in its original languages with ease, and be able to understand the biblical texts within their wider context. Our answer to biblical illiteracy is not to lower the bar, but to raise it. 

Our Cuban pastors programme is run in collaboration with the Cuban mission agency Cuba Para Cristo and Union School of Theology. It trains participants to the point where they can teach biblical languages to other pastors at an advanced level, without recourse to instructors from outside the country. The proof of the project’s success is that of the six candidates to take the Plato exam, four were trained at Tyndale House, the other two were taught by these delegates when they returned home, and were comfortably able to pass alongside their teachers. All six will visit Tyndale House this summer to study at even greater depth.

Before the programme, none of these perfectly ordinary Cuban pastors would have believed themselves capable of the feat they have accomplished. Similarly, across the world, many people are being short-changed on biblical education because of the prevailing attitude that learning a biblical language is out of reach for most Christians, or not worth the effort.

We beg to differ. The riches of the Scriptures are incomparable and worthy of our very deepest attention. Following the success of our partnership with Cuban church leaders, we have plans to spread the knowledge of biblical languages even further — watch out for details in our future newsletters.

We would love to expand our programme, allowing more Cuban pastors to receive training at Tyndale House and enabling them to teach leaders in the Cuban Church, including youth leaders. However, to do this we need to raise more funding. Will you consider making a donation to Tyndale House to enable us to continue this ambitious project?

Why Brazil needs more Brazilian theologians

Diego dy Carlos Araujo Alves has a passion for training Bible teachers in his native Brazil. In the past 30 years, the Protestant church there has undergone extraordinary growth, and according to Diego: “Evangelicalism has expanded so rapidly there has barely been enough time to disciple the believers. There is a huge need to develop more leaders, and for more biblical material written by Brazilians — Brazilian scholars engaging in theological thinking from within our cultural perspective.”

Already a trained pastor, Diego saw further academic study as the best way for him to serve the Church and became determined to “do my bit”. He is currently completing a PhD on the theme of reconciliation in Colossians, so that he can return to Brazil equipped to teach the new generation of Bible preachers that is so urgently needed.

Diego heard about Tyndale House while studying for his PhD at the London School of Theology and attempted to raise funds for a two-month stay at the library. When this proved impossible we were able to step in, thanks to the generosity of our donors, and offer him an accommodation bursary — not only for two months, but for two years.  

“I do believe that Tyndale House is the best research library in the world for biblical studies — not only the library but the scholars. I am fascinated by how it brings together research at the highest academic level with Christian piety. While we study, we are discipled by the example of more experienced scholars.”

Tyndale House is committed to serving the global Church by supporting scholars from majority world countries to work on academic research and Bible commentaries. In recent months we have hosted a group of Indonesian scholars writing New Testament commentaries for evangelical preachers, as well as an Albanian scholar who completed an MPhil in biblical studies. However, there are many more committed scholars whom we would love to support. Will you consider donating to the work of Tyndale House so that we can equip Christian academics from across the world to serve the Church in their country?

Bible languages can be accessed by all

Tyndale House has been in the news this month with an article in Christian Today about the STEP Bible project. Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP) provides access to the nuances of the Bible in its original languages for everybody, even those with no prior knowledge of New Testament Greek or Old Testament Hebrew. As the article in Christian Today points out, this makes it an invaluable tool for preachers who want to get a deeper understanding of the Easter story, as it reveals biblical treasures hidden to many modern readers.

STEP Bible was launched as a free-to-access project by Tyndale House in 2013 and has grown to become one of the world’s most comprehensive original-language Bible tools. It now offers 450 free electronic texts of the Bible in 280 languages, with links to the original languages for anyone who is curious to know more, as well as tools based on academic works that have been made to easy to understand for non-specialists.

In the past 12 months, STEP Bible had 126,000 users, of which nearly a third were from outside of Europe and the Americas. Will you consider making a gift to help us maintain STEP Bible as a free resource for Christians all over the world?





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