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News and Publications

Tyndale House scholars produce Biblical Studies material ranging from cutting edge research to introductory materials. Hundreds of seminal studies at PhD level have been written at Tyndale House. The Tyndale Bulletin is committed to publishing research of the highest quality. Important monographs are produced from conferences and by the research staff of Tyndale House.

Tyndale House scholars have also been the majority force behind highly successful publishing ventures such as the Tyndale Commentaries, the New Bible Dictionary, and The Lion Handbook of the Bible and they continue to have important input into significant modern translations including the ESV and NIV.

Tyndale House publishes:

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Tyndale Fellowship
Quadrennial Conference
4th - 7th July 2016
Theme: Marriage, Family and Relationships
High Leigh Conference Centre, EN11 8SG

Bookings still available online

Confererence Fee