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Dr Dirk Jongkind

Research Fellow in New Testament Text and Language: Fellow of St. Edmund's College

Contact Details:

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  • Email Dirk Jongkind


Before Dirk Jongkind ended up in the academy, he worked (together with his wife Marion) in the horticultural sector, growing tropical cut-flowers (Heliconia) in greenhouses in decidedly non-tropical Holland. However, though he enjoyed this hands-on setting, he decided to follow his life's fascination with the history and text of the Bible. He completed a M.A. in Old Testament at Tyndale Theological Seminary (1999, Badhoevedorp, nr. Amsterdam), and moved to the United Kingdom for an M.Phil. in New Testament at Cambridge University, where he stayed on for a PhD (2005). He has done quite some work in questions relating to the transmission of the Greek text of the New Testament and on issues of history and the social world of the New Testament.

At Tyndale House Dirk does research in the transmission of the text of the New Testament and is preparing the Tyndale House Edition of the Greek New Testament (THEGNT). Besides, he maintains an interest in lexical and grammatical studies. Under the Bible and Church flag he is involved in a range of public events all related to do with the how and why of the current shape of the Bible. He is also involved in mentoring initiatives of the European Leadership Forum and is co-leader of its Theologians Network.

A fellow of St Edmund's College since 2005, he has served on a variety of committees and is currently the Deputy Senior Tutor. He has taught in a wide variety of settings ranging from big conference rooms and University halls to the back rooms of small rural chapels and local village pubs. He is an Associate Editor of the Tyndale Bulletin and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament.

Without any claims of expertise, he likes to talk and think about how Christians can be good scholars and pursue knowledge and truth without compromising their commitment to faith.


Research Interests:

* Textual Criticism of the Greek Bible

* Biblical theology and the relationship between the Testaments

* Greek Grammar and lexicography

* Epigraphy, papyrology, archaeology of the Graeco-Roman world

* Relation of New Testament background and exegesis / theology



2001 "Corinth in the First Century AD: The Search for Another Class", Tyndale Bulletin 52.1, 139–48.

2005 Dissertation summary: 'Studies in the Scribal Habits of Codex Sinaiticus', Tyndale Bulletin 56.2, 153–56.

2006 “'The Lilies of the Field' Reconsidered: Codex Sinaiticus and the Gospel of Thomas”, Novum Testamentum 48: 209–16.

2011 "Some Observations on the Relevance of the 'Early Byzantine Glossary' of Paul for the Textual Criticism of the Corpus Paulinum", Novum Testamentum 53: 358-75.

2014 "059 (0215) and Mark 15:28", Textual Criticism 19: 1-3

Book Sections:

2006 “One Codex, Three Scribes, and Many Books: Struggles with Space in Codex Sinaiticus,” in New Testament Manuscripts: Their Texts and Their World, ed. Thomas J. Kraus and Tobias Nicklas, Texts and Editions for New Testament Study; vol. 2 (Leiden; Boston: Brill), 121–35.

2008 "Singular Readings in Sinaiticus: The Possible, the Impossible, and the Nature of Copying," in Textual Variation: Theological and Social Tendencies?: Papers from the Fifth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament,  Texts and Studies, Third Series, Volume 6, edited by D.C. Parker and H.A.G. Houghton (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press), 35-54.

2011 "The Text of the Pauline Corpus" in The Blackwell Companion to Paul, edited by Stephen Westerholm (Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell), 216-31.


2007 Scribal Habits in Codex Sinaiticus, Texts and Studies, Third Series, Volume 5 (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press).

Other major publication projects:

2009 "Tregelles's Greek New Testament: Transcription of the Text and Introduction. Edited by Dirk Jongkind in collaboration with Julie Woodson, Natacha Pfister, and Robert Crellin." Cambridge,