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This policy explains the cookies that may be set as a result of your visiting the University's central web site - URLs starting 

Information Commissioner's Office Advice for Members of the Public -

The cookies used on this site are there to:

  1. help our website to work better
  2. measure how you use the website (using Google Analytics) so we can improve it
  3. and share information with social networks.

CMS cookies only for the current session

The Tyndale House website uses the following cookies CMSSESSID[+ID], cms_admin_user_id, cms_language, cms_passhash. It helps our site to serve you better. No information about your personal browsing history is taken from them.


This cookie is set until the year 2030. It only looks at what region you access the website--but otherwise in no way couples it to any way to identify you--so that if you use the former Tyndale House Library database Tyncat3 to find books, you can be best served: e.g. you are looking for second hand books and you live in the UK, then it is best to direct you to UK sellers.

Third-party cookies


Facebook cookies, are used by Facebook, a social media service. Facebook Insights also tracks information about Sharing and Likes. See more about Facebook's cookies.


Four cookies may be created by Twitter: pid, guest_id, k, js. See also Twitter's privacy policy.

Google Analytics

This site runs Google Analytics that uses four cookies for tracking visitors to the site.

  • These cookies store information about what time the current visit occurred, whether the visitor has been to the site before, and what site referred the visitor to the web page.
  • No data specific to any identifiable user is retained, and we do not share our data with any other Google services.
  • With the values gained from these cookies Google Analytics can interpret journeys through our website content, give us information about how people use our site and so present an opportunity to improve it.
  • Due to shortcomings in Google Analytics the cookies for are returned to any web site in We believe that the Google Analytics code on these other sites will ignore these extra cookies.
  • Google Analytics information about privacy and cookies may be found at and and
  • Analytics has been enabled for Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting to monitor anonymised data about age, gender and interests collected by Google from other web browsing activity.
    The data that has been collected by Google can be seen at
  • As a user you may opt out of the process Google Analytics uses to collect traffic log data (should your web browser be compatible). Google provides a browser add-on that enables a user to opt out of receiving Google Analytics cookies -

Links to other websites

This website contains links to and from third-party sites. This policy only covers use of cookies on this site. You should consult privacy and cookie policies on third-party sites before you submit and personal data. Tyndale House is not responsible for any cookies that may be set by third party websites that are linked to or from pages on