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Prize for Academic Excellence

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Congratulations go to Tyndale House alumnus Dr Christian Askeland whose book on the Coptic translation of John's gospel has won the International Association of Coptic Studies’ Prize for Academic Excellence.

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Christian is now on the research staff of the Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal, Germany. He told us:

"The book is essentially the product of Tyndale Library and Sainsbury's chocolate! On a more serious note, I would say that the book reflects the nature of the library itself, in that it interacts with relevant questions about the biblical text and biblical languages in a way that is relevant to scholars from a variety of specialties and from different faith perspectives. The book considers a range of issues related to translation theory, linguistic issues and Coptic-Greek paleography, arguing for a more principled approach to citing the Coptic witnesses in future Greek critical editions."

Click here to see more on Christian's book.

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