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STEP Video and Volunteers

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STEP is an ongoing project of Tyndale House to make the best biblical research tools freely available to everyone.  David Instone Brewer explains more about the project in this video and how you can get involved. Try out STEP Bible here.

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STEP: Scripture Tools for Every Person

This is Tyndale House’s ongoing project to make the best resources for biblical studies freely available to everyone who needs them.  The goal is to make the tools capable of working on phones and low-spec computers (even with intermittent or no internet access). The STEP Project aims to grant all believers access to a wealth of resources previously only available to specialist scholars.  David Instone Brewer explains more about this project in this short video:

How can you help?

1. Pray

This is a huge undertaking but one which we believe will be of great service to the church worldwide.  Please pray for the resources we will need to achieve this goal.

2. Donate

This project requires more time from our senior research fellows in order to make it happen quickly and efficiently. Please consider whether you could make a financial donation to Tyndale House towards the cost of this.

3. Volunteer

We need all kinds of people to volunteer their time and skills for this project. If you have ANY of the following, we can use you:

  • good Bible knowledge;
  • knowledge of Greek or Hebrew;
  • careful editing skills (in English);
  • competence in Java, Javascript or MySQL;
  • programming ability in GoogleEarth APIs.

Please see the STEP Facebook page for more details about STEP and the different ways you can get involved.

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In the latest online edition of Christian Today read all about our Scripture Tools for Every Person - STEP hailed as a revolutionary new Bible tool for the world.

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This article was first published 14 May 2015 online at

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Jesus’ favourite teaching method was using parables. Mark 4:33 says that, when speaking to the crowds, he spoke only in parables – ‘as they were able to hear’.

Parables are pictures – in words, often stories; as such they are interesting, thought-provoking and powerful. Jesus could – and did – tell his disciples to love their enemies, but the famous parable of the Good Samaritan says it so much more powerfully.





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