Theology for All Conference

There is still time to book for the 2011 Theology for All Conference on 29 October, with Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali speaking on ‘The Unique and Universal Christ’.

Bishop Michael will speak on the person and work of Christ in a plural world, with some discussion of how his uniqueness relates to cultures and to people of other faiths and its importance for Christian mission.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Introduction to Tyndale House

Dr Gene L. Green, Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, spent some months at Tyndale House earlier this year.  A longstanding friend of Tyndale House, Dr Green talks about this unique ministry and its ongoing needs in this short video. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who may be interested in learning more about the work of Tyndale House.

Director of Distance Research for STEP

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Dale Brueggemann will be overseeing the STEP project volunteers for the coming year.  STEP stands for "Scripture Tools for Every Person", aiming to provide trustworthy electronic Bible study resources to those  without reliable internet access, via a memory card in their  mobile phone. We now have a large team of volunteers who are involved in various aspects of the project and this appointment will allow their work to be directed where it can be most effective.

This presentation shows just how the STEP project will work to achieve thsi aim.
Link to STEP presentation

The "Reasonable Faith" Tour

This is a series of public lectures and events across the country, featuring William Lane Craig and other Christian apologists.  There are two events in Cambridge, including a public lecture and a debate at the Cambridge Union.  Dr Peter J. Williams will be speaking at the event in London on October 22nd (N.B. A different Peter Williams is speaking at one of the Cambridge events!) Full tour programme here.



Other News

Inside the ESV Translation Committee


Sustainability in Crisis Conference

We are most grateful for your continued interest in the work of Tyndale House.  For information about the ways in which you can support us, please see our website.