As I reflect on life at Tyndale House, I’m struck by the fact that it is a very quiet and yet a very busy place. These two things don’t always go together, but the library often contains 40 or more people simultaneously and silently working on writing projects. Add to this writing activity, the constant stream of visitors and academic interaction based in the community, and you might get an idea of how much is going on. Here’s a sample of the things which have been happening in the last couple of months:

We were delighted to welcome Suzie Wright (pictured), granddaughter of the first Warden of Tyndale House Sir Norman Anderson, who presented us on behalf of the family with many wonderful heirlooms of that great Christian leader, including his knighthood and other medals and correspondence from King George VI.

Bill Edgar, Professor of Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, came to give us a recital and lecture on the Bible and jazz.




Rob Bradshaw, founder of the marvellous website came to collaborate with us on putting more literature freely online.

Simon Crisp from the United Bible Societies came to sign a memorandum of understanding so that Tyndale House and the UBS can collaborate and cooperate to provide resources for biblical study.

About 200 volunteers worked with staff getting ready for the Beta launch of our Scripture Tools for Every Person programme, bringing in-depth Bible study tools to the world’s poorest.

Vast amounts of Greek and Hebrew as well as not a few other languages were read in the library, and much coffee and tea was drunk as readers exchanged thoughts on many subjects at the 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. breaks each day.

Tyndale House readers practised their interview presentations on each other; a reader broke the Tyndale House record for the speediest ever successful completion of a PhD thesis; a lady collected books to take to Burkina Faso; a Canadian film crew came to film staff; biblical scholars worshipped and prayed together, counselled each other and provided mutual childcare. The list could go on.

The overarching aim throughout all the activity is to provide Bible scholars and Bible scholarship for the building up of the global church. Every day the forest of Bible scholarship here grows a little more. We are not in a short-term activity nor in one whose progress can be measured on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, there are real encouragements. We’ll be writing to you shortly telling of stories of individuals who have been dramatically helped through the opportunity they have had to study here. So tune in next time for stories of Alexander from Macedonia and Moises from Cuba as well as several more.

We are so glad that so many pray for this work and for the scores of active volunteers connected with us worldwide. If you are able to invest financially at any level in this work, especially if you are able to swell the comparatively small numbers of those who give on a monthly basis, that would be tremendous. It may be that you are not in a position to give, but can recommend us to others. If so, this will be a great service to the ministry here.


Wishing you every spiritual blessing in Christ,

Peter Williams