Revelation from Slovakia

Tyndale House has recently welcomed Peter Malik’s return from Slovakia with his wife Zuzana and his new-born son, Andrew, to study for a doctorate in divinity where he earned his M.Phil.

Peter’s subject, New Testament Manuscripts and Criticism, is honing an in-depth examination of P47, the earliest extensive manuscript of the Book of Revelation. Revelation is found in a relatively small number of early manuscripts, which according to Peter makes this study highly desirable. “I’m interested because I love the Bible. Moreover, the Revelation of John is a fascinating text, and this study gives me an opportunity to spend more time studying it.”

As well as the library resources that facilitate his research, Peter values the Christ-centred community at Tyndale House, where people of various personal and ministerial backgrounds meet and develop relationships. Unlike William Tyndale’s struggle, Peter may work openly among colleagues who are equally dedicated to scholarship and the community of faith. “I hope to teach and study at a university or seminary in Europe when I finish in 2016.”

Peter’s studies are being supported by the Green Scholars Initiative, through the generosity of the Green family of Oklahoma City. Tyndale House has been delighted to be involved connecting Peter and others with Green Scholars Initiative.


Home to Haiti

Matt Ayars is nearing the end of his second visit to Tyndale House. Matt and his family have been in Haiti since 2007, teaching at a key Christian seminary, preaching and working hard to serve this impoverished country. This is the only time in a very busy year that Matt, originally from Philadelphia, can visit the UK in order to collect and scan the resources he will need for the following year’s study.

Matt believes that Tyndale House is unique in having all the material that he needs in one place.  With no public education available in Haiti, having a UK validated PhD adds significant credibility to his role as President of the seminary that he leads.

Tyndale House has not only provided him with the academic resources that he needs but has given him a valuable opportunity to meet and talk with other scholars, plus a base from which to share more widely in the UK about his work in Haiti. Whilst Matt is enthusiastic about returning to Haiti, in particular to see his wife and young children, he looks forward to renewing acquaintances on his visit next year to Tyndale House.

STEP programme about to be launched

We are planning to launch the Beta version of our free programme Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP) later this month. You will receive an email in which we'll release the web address, which is currently fully functional.

At this stage the STEP programme will allow people with internet access to find out what the original Greek and Hebrew words behind their modern translations are, to have the original languages and modern translations in interlinear format and to perform a variety of searches. There are also interfaces in a range of modern languages.


We're deeply grateful to the 75 or so volunteers who worked on the STEP data sets, and particularly to Chris Burrell, who has done the programming on a voluntary basis. We still need more volunteers to help improve the quality and the involvement of general readers in reporting glitches that they encounter.

We also have others who have recently joined us on a voluntary or non-stipendiary basis. Dr Alison Stacey has been our Honorary Archivist doing a meticulous and painstaking review of the archives left to us by Professor Donald Wiseman.

Alan Bramley, a recently retired accountant, is generously volunteering to help us with detailed cost analyses (so we can make sure we use all donations as wisely as possible), and we're delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Steve Walton as Honorary Research Fellow for two years while he works on writing the Word Biblical Commentary on Acts.

There are many ways you can help as a volunteer to support the mission of Tyndale House to foster evangelical biblical scholarship and these don’t all take a lot of time.

You could

- Hand your church pastor or minister promotional material about Tyndale House

- Ensure that the STEP programme has a menu in your language (only about 200 words to translate or check: more details here)

- Pray for someone you read about in our newsletter

- Put a promising young theology or Bible student in touch with us

Thank you so much for your interest in this ministry. Every financial gift, however small, is deeply appreciated, and your prayers are even more valuable to us.

God bless,

Peter Williams


P.S. The Garden House has clearly become famous among the animal kingdom: this muntjac deer was seen recently from Tyndale Lodge.