As we approach Christmas we have a special opportunity to celebrate the incarnation. We have held our Christmas brunch and carol celebration within the community here in Cambridge, but we also celebrate belonging to a wider community including:

  • prayer and financial supporters across the world
  • over 200 volunteers on the Scripture Tools for Every Person (STEP) Project
  • 390 scholars in the Tyndale Fellowship
  • around 20,000 people who have attended events in 2012 at which Tyndale House research staff have spoken
  • Bible students worldwide whom we have the privilege of serving, even if they are not aware that resources such as translations, commentaries, and tools they use have often been made by alumni of Tyndale House

We want to extend our congratulations to a Tyndale House veteran, Professor Kenneth Kitchen and his colleague Paul Lawrence on their completion of the 1641 page, 5.6 kg, work Treaty, Law and Covenant which contains all the treaties of the ancient Near East both in their original and in translation. Ten ancient languages are presented here with copious analysis of the texts. It also contains the most expansive case Kitchen has made for an early date for the book of Deuteronomy. At 298 Euros it may be a bit expensive for Christmas, but you can order one for your nearest college library here.We are also very glad to welcome Elizabeth Robar and Christopher Thomson, two outstanding young Old Testament scholars who have been awarded 12-month early career fellowships at Tyndale House. We believe that a thorough training in biblical studies, enabling individuals to learn all the relevant languages, will often take 7 years: 1 year Masters; 3 for a PhD, and 3 for a first post-doctoral research position. It is this sort of time commitment which can make the difference between those who are leaders in a field and those who are not.Our aim is to foster a new generation of experts on the Bible who desire to serve the church. Some may be able to fund themselves, but others will need help along the way. If you would like to support individuals of proven character to get a thorough training to become leading experts on the Bible serving the global church then we are establishing a fund for studentships and fellowships supporting key people for this crucial seven year period of training. Gifts can simply be designated ‘Scholar Support’.Finally, if you find that you’re still doing last minute online shopping for Christmas, or in the ‘January’ sales, it is worth bearing in mind that it is usually possible for Tyndale to receive about 2.5% of the cost of the transaction without it costing you any extra money. With large sums being spent this can soon add up to a significant sum. More details here. On behalf of all the team and community at Tyndale House, may I wish you a very blessed Christmas.In Christ, Peter WilliamsWarden, Tyndale House