Computer Facilities

For a summary of the IT facilities at Tyndale House in brochure format, click here.

Networking & Printing Facilities at Tyndale House

Every desk in Tyndale House Library is networked for


Every desk in Tyndale House Library is networked to access the Internet and local networked software (see a list here). The Technical Officer will assign you a personal IP number and help to connect your computer though if you know your IP number you may do this yourself using these instructions

All networked PCs must be protected by automatically updated antivirus software. Students and Staff of the University can download a free copy of McAfee. You can also get good free antiVirus from AVG, or AVAST. Do not just rely on software - follow the Internet Safety Rules for browsing and emailing.

Photocopying requires a pre-payment card (buy one from the Front Office). The photocopier is a multi-functional device and can be used as a printer. See instruction here.

Scanning can be done by a flat scanner, a see-through scanner (you must use this for books which are delicate) and the photocopier. See details here.

Technical Help

The Tyndale Technical Officer knows the answers to many questions, and the Cambridge University Computing Service has the answers to the rest.

The University Computing service has a Help Desk which you can email , phone (334681), fax (334679) or visit, (see their website for their current location). They also have computer repair department which is cheaper than most shops, and Computer Courses on a variety of subjects which are free to university students and staff.

Cambridge Email & Raven Password

University students are given a Cambridge University email address which is necessary for receiving emails from the University. This can be read on the Hermes Webmail or it can be redirected by POP3 to any other email reader. If you have just arrived, get your email password here and get your Raven password which is your access to many other University resources.

Computer Shops

There are many others, and some may be better, but the following have been found to be useful:

Cambridge Computer Supplies, 152 High Street, Chesterton, Tel. 313777. [Map]- for PC systems and parts. Limited range but as cheap as ordering online.

Staples, 121 Chesterton Road, Tel. 303232. [Map]