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The Bible and Church series of day conferences are intended to provide Christians with reliable scholarly evidence in support of the historical basis of the faith and to then equip them to share that faith with confidence.

Bible and Church Conference

Westminster Chapel, London, June 2009.
Establishing the basic case for taking the New Testament as serious history.


Have we got the history right?
Dr. Peter J. Williams (Warden of Tyndale House)
A widely held idea is that Christian beliefs arose over a long period of time through a mixture of gullibility and conspiracy.

Have we got the text right?
Dr. Dirk Jongkind (Fellow at St. Edmund's College, Cambridge)
Another popular idea is that the Bible has been corrupted, either by deliberate falsification or simply lost through passage of time.

Have we got Jesus right?
Dr. Simon Gathercole (Univeristy of Cambridge)
Various media have been full of talk about ‘other gospels’, saying that books have been missed out of the Bible or put in due to political pressure.

The Authentic Gospels: New Evidence

St Helen's Bishopsgate, London, June 2010.
Setting the Four Gospels and other gospels in direct comparison with each other in terms of their historical accuracy, manuscript basis, and value as records of what Jesus actually did and taught.

The DVD contains the three conference lectures plus short films designed for home study groups, and a short study guide (to make a booklet print back-to-back pp 1&2, 3&4 etc).


Evidence of Eyewitnesses
Dr. Peter J. Williams
There are many writings which are today called gospels. Before we ask why there are many gospels, we need to ask why there are any gospels at all. We then ask why there are four gospels in the New Testament.

Evidence of Manuscripts
Dr. Dirk Jongkind
What is the relative strength of the manuscripts behind the various gospels?
How many manuscripts are there, and from what time do they date?

Evidence of History
Dr. Simon Gathercole
The four NT Gospels are the only ones that are sufficient close in time to the events to be reliable.

Bible and Church Conference 2009

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The Authentic Gospels:
New Evidence


Bible and Church Conference

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