Accommodation at Tyndale House and in Cambridge

Tyndale House has a limited amount of residential accommodation. This is primarily for those doing research in the library and their families, many of whom are in residence for periods of up to 36 months. We would normally expect all residents to apply for use of a rented desk in the library.

Our residential capability fosters mutual encouragement and the stimulus of an international community of younger and older scholars committed to biblical research, whether on sabbatical leave or undertaking postgraduate studies. For families it provides a ready-made Christian community for friendship and support. We can accommodate less than half of the scholars working here, so we encourage those interested in accommodation to apply well in advance and, where possible, to indicate a range of possible dates for their visit.

Please click to see a chart of Library and Accommodation Charges

To find out if we have accommodation, please fill in an Application Form

Accommodation is allocated according to the size of family living with the library user.

Those applying for accommodation for longer than 6 months may be required to take part in an interview by telephone, video-conference or in person.


If your passport is issued  by a country outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland and you are not engaged in a course of study at a UK university you may need a visa for your visit. You can check by following the steps on the UK Border Agency checklist; click here. If you find that you do need a visa the one to choose is an Academic Visitor visa. If you need a letter to state that we are expecting you at Tyndale House please contact us. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain a visa. We strongly recommend that you go to the UKBA website and check for yourself.


Alternative Accommodation

Please click here for a list of suggestions for somewhere to stay if we are unable to offer you accommodation at Tyndale House.


Tyndale House Accommodation

Please kindly note that we request all visitors to arrive between 9am-5pm on their arrival date (check-in starts at 2pm) and to vacate their rooms by 10am on their departure date to make arrangements smooth for the housekeeping team. If you would like to come or leave outside these hours a £40 administration cost will be incurred.

The single rooms come with bed linen and towels provided. All rooms are en-suite and include a desk, generous cupboard space and internet access. Kitchen facilities are shared with use of kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer space.

All houses/flats are fully furnished and equipped. There is a cleaning fee of £60 made on departure on all houses/flats, and a late-payment charge if rents are not paid on time.

Please note that due to regulations set by the City Council it is not possible for residents of Tyndale Court or Tyndale House to have a car on the premises.

There is a no smoking policy in all houses/flats at Tyndale and on all Tyndale House property.

No pets are allowed.


Accommodation Agreement

All accommodation at Tyndale House is subject to the following terms:

1. Rent is payable on the first working day of each month in advance. Please note that "Full Month rents" are charged on mid month departures unless new tenants can be moved in.

2. For houses and flats a damage deposit of £300 is payable on signing the contract and a cleaning charge of £40 is made at the conclusion of the occupancy. For single rooms a damage deposit of £50 is payable from the start of the occupancy and a cleaning charge of £25 is made at the conclusion of the occupancy. All damage deposits will be returned at the end of your stay when your accommodation is left in good state.

3. Furnishings provided in the flat or room must not be removed without the written permission of the Landlord. No additional furnishings, including electrical appliances may be brought into the without prior permission from the Warden or Manager. If special permission is granted for additional furniture etc. or to remove furniture these must be removed or put back at time of departure. Extra charges are incurred if furniture has to be moved.

4. Repairs. The Landlord is responsible for all repairs and redecorations resulting from the reasonable use of the premises. Residents should inform the Hospitalities and Facilities Administrator promptly if repairs are required.

5. Electricity/telephone/heating /taxes. The tenant is responsible for electricity, heating costs, telephone line and call charges and council tax.

6. Damage. Damage to the flat/room or to any of its contents must be notified to the Landlord as soon as possible. Deposits will not be released until the property has been carefully inspected.

7. Sub-letting. The tenant will not assign, underlet or part with possession of the flat/room or any part of it.

8. Insurance. The Landlord insures both the buildings and provided contents of the flat/room. The policy precludes smoking by occupants or guests in the flats or on any of the premises owned by Tyndale House. The tenant is fully responsible for his/her personal effects and furnishings.

9. Motor Vehicles. It is a condition of this tenancy that no motor vehicle with more than two wheels is to be brought within the City of Cambridge. (A legal document has been signed to this effect with Cambridge City Council). The only exception would be a physical disability and permission must be sought in advance from the Landlord. Parking permits must not be sought by residents of Tyndale House or Tyndale Court and continued occupancy is dependant on attention to this proviso.

10. Permitted activity. The tenant shall observe all the house rules applying from time to time. The tenant shall not use either the flat/room or shared parts of the house of the premises in a way that the policies of insurance might become void or cause the premium to be increased, such as smoking.

11. Visitors. In order to comply with Health/Safety and security guidelines, it is important that you seek permission from the Warden or Manager if you are having visitors to stay well in advance of their arrival. Visitors are permitted as long as the flat provided has adequate beds for the number of visitors. Visitors are requested to sign in the visitors book in the front office, or after hours at the Warden’s lodge so that in the event of fire or an emergency the names of all residents are known. Visitors that are not your immediate family are subject to a nightly fee of £15.

12. Electrical Goods. No second hand electrical equipment may be brought into the flats . Any additional electrical equipment is only permissible with prior agreement of the Manager or Warden and on the understanding that it is tested to be safe. Tyndale House is not responsible for any damage caused by faulty electrical equipment that it has not provided.

13.Flat Location. By being offered on-site accommodation, the Warden and the Manager endeavour to place tenants in the housing that is deemed to be most appropriate to their circumstances. However the Warden reserves the right to move tenants within the on-site accommodation with suitable prior notice if circumstances alter within the community. In most cases this would be considered a more beneficial move for the tenant.

14 Termination. Either the Landlord or the tenant after the expiry of the six months from the date of commencement by giving to the other three month's notice in writing of their intention to do so.