The Syriac Interlinear Project


The Syriac Interlinear Project aims at producing a multi-tier interlinear edition of the Syriac New Testament. The project is commissioned by Logos Software, and is directed by Gorgias Press. Initially, the project will cover the Peshitta New Testament (including the non-Peshitta portions that are published in the BFBS edition), but will then move to cover the Old Syriac version.

The results will be published in electronic form by Logos Software. Gorgias Press will publish a printed edition of the interlinear. Further, Gorgias Press will publish from the results an annotated English translation, a lectionary of the Gospels and Epistles, a bilingual synopsis of the four Gospels, and possibly other works.

The Team

George Kiraz, The Syriac Institute, Coordinator and General Editor

Editors: Terry Falla, P.J. Williams

Contributors: We have just begun inviting contributors. Here are those who have agreed so far.

Assignment of Texts

Because this is a project that must run to schedule, the initial assignments of text are small. In this way contributors cannot 'sit' on texts without producing. While it is usually assumed that a colleague who begins work on a longer book and works to schedule will be the person who finishes it the initial assignment is only of 5 chapters for Gospels and Acts, or 10 or so for other texts. The initial assignments are:

Matthew 1-5 (Kiraz)
Mark 1-5 (Eccles)
Luke 1-5
John 1-5 (Falla)
Acts 1-5
Romans 1-10
1 Cor. 1-10
2 Cor
Galatians + Ephesians (Williams)
Philippians + Colossians, Philemon
1-2 Thessalonians
1-2 Timothy, Titus
James, 1 Peter, 1 John
2 Peter, 2-3 John, Jude (Buchan [Jude])
Revelation 1-10

Time Frame

Methodology Proposal (April 2005)

Methodology Final Draft (June 2005)

Commencement of work (July 2005)

Interlinear delivery of 1/4 of the text to Logos (December 2005)

Interlinear delivery of all the text to Logos in final draft (December 2006)

Other books to be derived from the data (20072010)


Here are provisional (unproofed) versions of the interface and the format in which contributors will enter data.

Style sheet for glosses