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Divinity and Religious Studies

Digitising Epigraphic Records: The Calder Archive as a Pilot Project

Workshop 5-6 July, 2005, University of Aberdeen

This invitation-only workshop will explore possibilities for digitising archives of classical interest with particular focus on the archive of Sir William Calder. The meetings will be chaired by Charlotte Roueché (KCL). For a related project see the MAMA pages of Charles Crowther (Oxford).


Tuesday 5 July

Morning: arrival of Mrs Charlotte Roueché, Dr Juan Garces (11.05 from Heathrow) and Dr Charles Crowther

12.00, lunch at Zeste

13.00-16.40, Inspection of archive, Old Senate Room (15.00 refreshments)

19.45, dinner, Footdee's Restaurant, the Patio Hotel

Wednesday 6 July

9.00-12.30, Inspection of archive, Old Senate Room (11.00 refreshments)

12.30, lunch at Zeste with Siobhan Convery (Senior Curator, Special Libraries and Archives) and Iain Beavan (Head of Special Libraries and Archives)

13.30-17.00, Project discussion, The Court Room (15.00 refreshments)

17.00, Buffet and Presentation by Charlotte Roueché, The Court Room

Evening: departure of delegates