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Papyrology: Session 2: Texts & Resources


By Peter M. Head (Web Page)



a.      Publications of Papyri

                                                               i.      Bibliographies in O. Montevecchi, La Papirologia (Torino: SEI, 1973 [NB. revised edition 1988]), pp. 407-433. Also in E.G. Turner, Greek Papyri: An Introduction (revised edition; Oxford: Clarendon Press 1980), pp. 154-179.

                                                             ii.      Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets (ed. John F. Oates, Roger S. Bagnall, Klaas A. Worp, Joshua D. Sosin, Sarah J. Clackson, Terry G. Wilfong, Alexandra A. O'Brien; 2000) Checklist of Editions

                                                            iii.      R.A. Pack, The Greek and Latin Literary Texts from Graeco-Roman Egypt (Ann Arbor, 1952, 1965 2nd; 3rd edition: P. Mertens, Liege).

               La base de données expérimentale Mertens-Pack 3


b.      Relevant accessible collections

1.      A.S. Hunt & C.C. Edgar, Select Papyri 1-2 (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press & London: Heinemann, 1932-1934). D.L. Page (ed), vol. 3: Literary Papyri. Poetry (Cambridge 1941)

2.      P.W. Pestman, The New Papyrological Primer (revised edition; Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1994).

3.      G. Milligan, Selections from the Greek Papyri (Cambridge: CUP, 1912).

4.      B. Olsson, Papyrusbriefe aus der frühesten Römerzeit (1925). J. Hengstl, Griechische Papyri aus Aegypten (1978).

5.      U. Wilcken & L. Mitteis, Grundzüge und Chrestomathie der Payruskunde (Leipzig & Berlin, 1912; 4 vols).

                I. Historischer Teil (U. Wilcken). v.1: Grundzüge; v.2: Chrestomathie

                II. Juristischer Teil (L. Mitteis). v.1: Grundzüge; v.2: Chrestomathie

6.      O. Montevecchi, La Papirologia (Torino: SEI, 1973): good collection of photos.

7.      F. Preisigke et al., Sammelbuch griechischer Urkunden aus Aegypten (Marburg, 1915-; 21 vols): reprints texts published in journals etc = SB

8.      F. Preisigke et al., Berichtigungsliste der griechischen Papyruskunden (Berlin–Leipzig, Leiden, 1913-; 10 vols): published corrections = BL

9.      Corpus Papyrorum Judaicarum (ed. V.A. Tcherikover & A. Fuks et al.; Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP; 3 vols, 1957-1964; vol 1: Ptolemaic; vol 2: Early Roman (i.e. 30 BC - AD 117); vol 3: Late Roman and Byzantine.

Aim: include all texts (520 in all; many ostraka re tax receipts) which relate to Jews and Jewish affairs; establish correct text; commentary; bibliography.

10.  Corpus Papyrorum Christianarum  (ed. E.A. Judge; Macquarrie U).

E.A. Judge, 'Selection criteria for the Corpus Papyrorum Christianarum', Atti del XVII Congresso Internazionale di Papirologia (Naples 1984), 117-122.
E.A. Judge, 'Papyri', in Everett Ferguson (ed.), Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (New York 1990), 687-691.

Corpus Papyrorum Christianarum


c.       Other General Resources:

                                                               i.      Electronic Bibliographie papyrologique (Brussels). BIBLIOGRAPHIE PAPYROLOGIQUE
covers 1976-1990: all print publications on literary and documentary papyri of Egypt. Card-catalogue version available in some dedicated libraries (goes back to 1932).

                                                             ii.      Aegyptus: list of newly published papyri every year.

                                                            iii.      G.H.R. Horsley et al., New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity (Macquarrie; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 8 vols)

               New Docs page


d.      General/Inclusive Web Based Resources:

1.      Heidelberger Gesamtverseichnis der Griechischen Papyruskunden Agyptens (HGV). Immensely important resource: complete register of all (published) documentary papyri from Egypt (44,084 records); includes ‘erwähnte daten’ list of 9,288 dated papyri (http://www.rzuser.uni-heidelberg.de/~gv0/) (dates revised and more accurate than original publications). [1]


2.                                          Woerterlisten (aus den Registern von Publikationen griechischer und lateinischer dokumentarischer Papyri und Ostraka; D. Hagedorn, 2002)


3.                                          Perseus Project (http://perseus.tufts.edu/ or http://perseus.csad.ox.ac.uk/) Via Tyndale House access page: Perseus
Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri  (http://odyssey.lib.duke.edu/papyrus/texts/DDBDP.html) Contains prob 90% of all published papyri (Packard Humanities Institute 7: 32,400).[2]
Searchable Liddel-Scott Lexicon Look up entries in the Greek Lexicon


4.                                          Leuven Database of Ancient Books ‘The present database attempts to collect the basic information on all ancient literary texts, as opposed to documents. It now includes 7096 items, dating from the fourth century B.C. to A.D. 800 and incorporating authors from Homer (8th cent. B.C.) to Romanus Melodus (6th cent. A.D.), besides 2889 texts for which the author can no longer be identified’.

Up-date at 13.3.2002:
I have just put a renewed version of the Leuven Database of Ancient

Books on line. The homepage is made more user-friendly and reflects a

normal Filemaker make-up. There is a new field "URL", listing

photographs on line (1041 links already!).  The 750 new Iliad papyri

listed by West in his recent book are included, but also all Latin

manuscripts in Lowe, Codices Latini Antiquiores, and Greek

manuscripts of the Old Testament listed in Rahlfs up to AD 800. The

LDAB now collects all Greek and Latin manuscripts known to me up to

AD 800. Those who want to see papyri only, should fill in the field

PROVENANCE as "Egypt", "Herculaneum" and "Palestine".  There are now

9785 texts in the database, 7669 of which are from Egypt. (Willy Clarysse)

This includes (4.7.2002): 6583 literary papyri (excluding ostraca etc.)


5.                                          List and Collection of papyrus archives (‘groups of papyri that were collected and kept together in Antiquity either by a person or by an institution’) archives (at LHPC, see below; linked with Heidelberger database, see above)



e.       Location or Subject Specific Web Based Resources:


                                                               i.      Oxyrhynchus (Oxyrhynchus)


                                                             ii.      Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS)

http://www.columbia.edu/dlc/apis Catalogues of six American papyrus collections: Berkeley, Columbia, Duke, Michigan, Princeton, and Yale. To varying degrees the records include translations, links to the texts in the Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri, and links to digital images. ‘The APIS project constitutes the efforts of papyrologists at a number of American universities to integrate in a "virtual" library the holdings from their collections through digital images and detailed catalog records that will provide information pertaining to the external and the internal characteristics of each papyrus, corrections to previously published papyri, and republications.’

1.      Duke Papyrus Archive: ‘provides electronic access to texts about and images of nearly 1400 papyri from ancient Egypt.’ Images and database record. Search, browse by topic/subject, browse by language, general information and bibliographies. Useful.

2.      The University of Michigan Papyrus Collection: over 7,000 items. Some searchable. Topic/subject section: Administration and Law, Daily Life/Cultural Aspects, Geographica, Languages and Scripts, Literature and Education, Materials, Science and Religion, Social Status, Women and Children, Chronology.

Highlights include: 30 leaves of P46 [purchased for $7,500 in 1932: H.A. Sanders,  A Third-Century Papyrus Codex of the Epistles of Paul (Ann Arbor, Univ. of Mich. Press, 1935)]; 62 pages of Hermas (III) [C. Bonner, A Papyrus Codex of the Shepherd of Hermas (Ann Arbor, Univ. of Mich. Press, 1934)]; c. 10% of Zenon Papyri; two tax rolls from Karanis (107 feet long, 60 feet long; $10,000 in 1925: H. C. Youtie, P. Mich. IV, Pt. I, Tax rolls from Karanis, Ann Arbor, 1936 and H. C. Youtie and O. M. Pearl, id., Pt. II, Ann Arbor, 1939.]

3.      Berkeley: The Tebtunis Papyri Collection  1200 documents (21,000 fragments) from Tebtunis (1899/90). Pictures, searchable database etc.

4.      Yale Papyrus Database:only a search engine.

5.      PRINCETON UNIVERSITY LIBRARY PAPYRUS HOME PAGE: descriptive inventory and images of selected texts.


                                                            iii.      Universität Heidelberg, Institut für Papyrologie Übersicht


                                                           iv.      Die Papyrus-Sammlung in Köln


                                                             v.      Electronic Resources for Classicists (M. Pantelia; http://www.tlg.uci.edu/~tlg/index/resources.html)


                                                           vi.      Argos Search Engine (http://argos.evansville.edu/)


                                                          vii.      Database of Marriage and Divorce Papyri (Graeco-Roman Marriage Papyri)


                                                        viii.      International Association of Papyrologists Links Page



f.        Locating originals and procuring photographs

Leuven Homepage of Papyrus Collections Worldwide

International Association of Papyrologists: Centres of Papyrological Study & List of Members


g.       Even More Resources:

                                                               i.      Preisigke, F. Wörterbuch der griechischen Papyrusurkunden (Berlin 1926–31) (selected topics treated in v.3, Abschnitte, grouped by subject)

Kiessling, E. Wörterbuch . Supplement IV in 5 fascicules, a - zvfut°v (Marburg 1944–1993) (update of Preisigke with very useful parallels for each entry)

Rupprecht, H.–A. Wörterbuch der griechischen Papyrusurkunden . Supplement II. (Wiesbaden 1992)

                                                             ii.      Mayser, E. Grammatik d. griech. Papyri aus d. Ptolemäerzeit (Berlin and Leipzig 1906–1938)

                                                            iii.      Gignac, F. A Grammar of the Greek Papyri of the Roman and Byzantine Periods.  v. 1: Phonology (Milano 1976); v.2: Morphology (Milano 1981)

                                                            iv.      Roberts, C.H. Greek Literary Hands. 350 BC – AD 400. (Oxford 1956)                    

                                                             v.      Cavallo, G.–Maehler H. Greek Bookhands of the early Byzantine Period.  BICS Suppl. 47 (1987)

                                                           vi.      Seider, R. Paläographie d. griech. Papyri. (Stuttgart 1967-70); v.1: documentary texts; v.2: literary texts.

                                                          vii.      Preisendanz, K. – Henrichs, A. Papyri Magicae Graecae2  2 vols. (Stuttgart 1973, 1974). Betz, H.D. The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, including the Demotic Spells. (Chicago 1992, 2nd edition)

                                                        viii.      Turner, E.G. The Typology of the early Codex. (Philadelphia 1977)

                                                             ix.      H.C. Youtie, Textual Criticism of Documentary Papyri: prolegomena (BICS Supp. 33; London: Institute of Classical Studies, 1972 [=2nd ed. Revised and enlarged]) cf. also his collected papers, Scriptiunculae posteriores (2 vols; Bonn: Rudolf Habelt, 1981)



Peter M. Head, July 2001 (Web Page)

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[1] J.M.S. Cowey, Heidelberg Documentary Papyri Project, «Proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Papyrologists. Copenhagen, 23-29 August 1992», a cura di A. Bülow-Jacobsen, Copenhagen 1994, pp. 609-612.

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