New Testament and Papyrology

By Peter M. Head (Web Page)


This page contains links to other pages which represent four lectures given at the Tyndale House Summer School during July 2001. The bulk of the course in Papyrology and the New Testament consisted in reading and discussing original texts (listed in Seminars/Texts)


I would be glad to hear of improvements, additions or corrections for this material, and to offer a list of links to other relevant sites (Lecture Two has many links to resource sites in Papyrology).


Lecture 1: Papyrology an Introduction


Lecture 2: Texts & Resources


Lecture 3: Greek Letters


Lecture 4: NT & Papyrology General


Also of (potential / possible) interest:

Peter M. Head, 'The Date of the Magdalen Papyrus of Matthew (P. Magd. Gr. 17 = P64): A Response to C.P. Thiede', Tyndale Bulletin 46.2(1995)251-285. Date of P. Magd. Gr. 17 = P64: On-line version

Peter M. Head, 'Some Recently Published NT Papyri from Oxyrhynchus: An Overview and Preliminary Assessment' Tyndale Bulletin 51(2000)1-16. On-line version  On-line review by Dan Wallace