Early Greek Bible Manuscripts Project


The Early Greek Bible Manuscripts Project is a Tyndale House research project under the auspices of the Institute for the Study of Early Christianity in its Greco-Roman Setting.


NEWS FLASH (4.3.2003)

A team from the EGBMP (Dr Head and Mr Jongkind) have recently identified portions of five NT majuscule manuscripts among a collection of unidentified Greek manuscript fragments in the possession of a private collector in Cambridge. They are all quite small (having been cut up in antiquity and used for binding materials), but comprise material from Romans, Mark, John, and Luke covering a period form IV/V to VIII cent. Further details will be posted when they are available.


Preliminary Report


Supplementary Information (28.8.03): The identified biblical manuscripts have now been registered with the official lists as follows:


Gk 1: Romans 8.1-13 (VIII-IX) is Gregory-Aland (Munster) 0311


Gk 2: Luke 5.23-24, 30-31; 7.9, 17-18 (III0-IV) is Gregory-Aland 0312


Gk 3: Mark 4.9, 15 (V) is Gregory-Aland 0313


Gk 4: John 5.43 (VI) is Gregory-Aland 0314


Gk 5: Mark 2.19, 21, 25; 3.2 (IV-V) is Gregory-Aland 0315


Gk 6: Jer 14.3-9 (IV) is Rahlfs (Gottingen) 897



The primary aim of the project is to build up the holdings of facsimiles, photographs and microfilms of biblical manuscripts in the Tyndale House Library and to encourage research in this area. We plan to develop a web-based catalogue of relevant material so that potential researchers can check the holdings in this area (an on-line catalogue of published material is already available: Tyndale House: Catalogue Keyfind). Further news of this web-based catalogue will be released here when it comes on-line.


A subsidiary aim is to establish a range of web-based resources for scholarly work in the area of Greek biblical manuscripts. In particular we hope to host and maintain a wide-ranging list of published and web-based photographs of biblical manuscripts. These are currently under active development. Anyone interested in participating should contact the Project Director.


Lists of NT Manuscripts (with info, picture location and links) [Rough draft, Oct 17, 2003]

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