Munich Talmud Comes to Tyndale

We were delighted to win a New York auction to acquire one of only 400 facsimile copies of the Munich Talmud for the library (we can find only one other copy in the UK). This is the only full manuscript of the Talmud with all the sections of text about Jesus which were censored from subsequent Talmuds by Papal authority in the 1400's. Even in this copy you can see where someone has tried to erase the words "Jesus of Nazareth" and the names of disciples.  You can keep track of all new additions to the Tyndale Library here.

Munich Talmud

Specialist Seminars

At Tyndale House we concentrate on cultivating an atmosphere where scholars training to serve the church in a variety of capacities are able to gain special expertise in the primary sources which underlie all other study. Before Christmas we were pleased to host a short course especially for Old Testament students on contemporary records from the Old Testament period led by Prof. Alan Millard and Dr. Martin Heide.  This term Dr Dirk Jongkind has led a reading group looking at a fourth century Greek manuscript of Galatians.


The Art of Writing a PhD

"Writing a PhD dissertation is like being a painter in a football stadium trying to capture a beautiful picture of the entire crowd without missing the features of each individual. You get the picture: it is a difficult task. However, having access to Tyndale House is like having access to aerial satellite images that allow you to take a closer look at multiple parts of the stadium through a single zoom lens. Tyndale House, with its thousands of images covering any area in Biblical studies, provides the necessary tools for the researcher to paint a well-researched, beautiful work."

Beniamin Pascut, from Romania, PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge.

Beniamin Pascut

Bible & Church Tour Continues

On 29 January, Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh hosted a Bible & Church conference at which Drs Peter Williams, Dirk Jongkind and Simon Gathercole spoke. The conference was attended by over 300 people. Next stop, Wales in May.


Bible and Church speakers on stage

A Well-Earned Retirement for Tyndale Veteran

The Rt Rev. John Taylor has stepped down from the Tyndale House Council after decades of service, including time as chairman. Former Bishop of St. Albans, Lord High Almoner, President of the Bible Society and of the Garden Tomb Association, John studied here in the 1950s. As former Warden Dr Bruce Winter put it, "his is a unique link with the foundation of Tyndale House in its early precarious years." As a scholar John wrote a commentary on Ezekiel in the Tyndale series.

At his last Council meeting John was presented with an album of photographs charting the development of Tyndale House and a card with many tributes to his "godly wisdom and pastoral oversight" (Dr Eddie Adams), his "gracious and supportive" attitude towards the succeeding chairman (Dr Andrew Clarke), and his "tremendous commitment" to Tyndale as "both a scholar and a shepherd" (Bruce Winter). Peter Williams said, "John has been a huge encouragement to me personally and a source of great wisdom on many occasions. He will be missed on Council, but we look forward to seeing him regularly at Tyndale House."



Bishop John Taylor

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In Christ,

Peter Williams