Dr Bradley Green joins the team

Dr Bradley Green will join staff at Tyndale as Writer. He is Associate Professor of Christian Thought and Tradition at Union University, Jackson, Tennessee. He retains his position there but he will move to Cambridge with his wife Dianne and children Caleb (14), Daniel (12), and Victoria (10) in December and be our Writer in Residence.

‘Life is too short to be spent watching the latest offering on the television.  Take up and read’: so wrote Dr Green in a recent article on the ‘gift’ of the mind. And read, we will. Brad will be particularly focussing on communicating and digesting the latest discoveries and insights scholarship can offer for a lay audience.

Dr Peter Williams said, ‘We're excited to welcome Dr Green to the team. He has a strong background in theology and writing and a long association with us, including serving as one of the Directors of the American Friends of Tyndale House, Cambridge. So watch this space.’

Mandarin books

Fifteen Mandarin-Chinese New Testament commentaries have been added to the Tyndale House library thanks to Professor Ronald Y. K. Fung’s generous donation.

The titles will add to the small but growing number of Mandarin volumes. Professor Fung has written commentaries for both professional and interested lay readers of the New Testament.

Our venture into Chinese literature follows our decision to seek to stock original biblical research in any of the world’s major languages, and follows an increase in use of the library by mainland Chinese.
If you are interested in helping us obtain and catalogue scholarly literature in Chinese or Korean do please get in touch.

STEP's progress

Scripture Tools For Every Person (STEP), our free Bible software, was released in beta version on 24 July 2013. The software has already been used by over 12,000 people in 142 countries including the small village of Iringa in Tanzania where Tim and Rachel Monger (photo) are living and working with Emmanuel International in Tanzania.

Along with their work in Africa, Tim and Rachel have also been involved with translating STEP’s user interface for Swahili. To Rachel, ‘the time is ripe for a program like STEP which can give village Christians and pastors access to good Bible resources for free.’

Planning continues to develop the beta version of STEP into an app for Android. For the Monger family, ‘It’s been a privilege to be involved in a project that could make a real difference in the lives of rural people. Nothing can bring transformation like God through his Word!’

The Tyndale Bulletin

Despite the drive towards online scholarly journals and e-books, print books have enjoyed a robust summer of sales in the UK. Moreover, while we’re still enjoying the summer, in the book world it is already Christmas. So why not jump forward to December and subscribe to a printed version of Tyndale Bulletin?

There are many new articles, from Professor John Dekker’s analysis of two Old Testament women Rachel and Michal, to Dr Bruce Clark’s look at Justification in Paul.

The peer-reviewed journal which is released bi-annually publishes articles which make an important contribution to biblical and theological research. It can be purchased as a subscription at £18.90 per year in the UK and £25.90 elsewhere. For more information, please click here.

Growing a forest

Meanwhile we have the pleasure of hosting 40-50 biblical scholars on a daily basis in our library here in Cambridge.

Our aim is to foster biblical scholars to serve the church and it’s a privilege to see so many of our former readers all over the globe so deeply involved in their own church contexts.

We’ve involved in a long-term plan, very much like growing a forest. No forest can grow fast, and good scholarship can’t really be done quickly.

Despite anecdotes to the contrary people do not learn languages properly in a few weeks. If we want experts in the languages and cultures of the Bible then we should expect that to take no less time than it would take to train a medical doctor.

We are very grateful to all those who support us and allow this to happen. Volunteers, ambassadors, donors, and prayer supporters are all vital to what we do here. If you would like to know more about being involved in one of these ways please let us know.

Thanks again for your friendship towards Tyndale House.

God bless,

Peter Williams