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Welcome to Tyndale House

Set amid the buildings of the University of Cambridge, Tyndale House is a Christian community dedicated to researching all the primary evidence relevant to the study of the Bible. It possesses one of the finest libraries for biblical research in the world, packed with specialist material on the language, culture, history, and meaning of the Bible. It also has facilities for medium and long-term accommodation. The House enjoys close links with the University of Cambridge and many postgraduates, church leaders, and visiting scholars have found it an ideal setting for their own study.

The scholars and publications that have come from Tyndale House since its founding in 1944 have had a worldwide impact, and all major modern Protestant Bible translations have benefited significantly from the input of scholars associated with the House. Tyndale House is committed to making biblical scholarship available and accessible to the church. Our latest resources are available here.

Tyndale House also offers:

  1. A local team and global network of scholars who are committed to serving the church
  2. Conferences both for scholars and lay people
  3. A centre for the study and promotion of Christian Ethics
  4. Regular scholarly publications, including our journal the Tyndale Bulletin
  5. Free electronic resources for serious Bible study including STEP Bible.
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Untitled document Writer-in-residence Brad Green on the BBC's Search for Bible Truth and How We Got Our Bible.
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On 18 February 70 years ago, with the War still raging, Tyndale House was purchased for just 4,500 pounds Sterling to be established as a residential centre for biblical research.
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Brad Green writes on the recent news stories claiming that Abraham could not have used camels.

Photo: Rider on dromedary from Tell Halaf (ca. 10th century BC), Walters Art Museum.

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